Nero released



… just have a look here … Release Notes currently not available :confused:


… meanwhile the Release Notes are available … looks good :cool:

Changes from Nero to

Release Date: 20-09-2004
New Features

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

* Added support for new recorders
* Added new Booktype setting option "Automatic"
* Optimized Booktype settings for some vendors

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

* Extended check for DVD+R9 Double Layer support
* Fixed a problem with an empty dialog box occurring in save track mode
* Fixed problems writing on second layer of a DVD+R9 DL that occurred with several drives
* Fixed a localisation problem in the change booktype dialog box
* Fixed a minor compatibility problem with 8x double layer medias
* Fixed a problem with DVD+R9 DL burning

Nero Burning ROM

* Solved a finalizing problem with CD extra
* Fixed some localisation problems
* Fixed an instability problem when writing (S)VCD compilations
* Fixed a minor compatibility problem that occurred during the copy process of open DVD+R VR media

Nero Express

* Fixed an audio preview problem
* Fixed a DVD disc copy problem which occurred when booktype was set to DVD-ROM
* Solved some problems for VCD creation
* Solved some minor GUI problems

Nero Start Smart

* Extended PDF manuals
* Solved a minor localisation problem
* Solved a minor GUI problem

Nero Wave Editor

* Fixed An error under Windows NTâ„¢ which occurred when starting
  Nero Wave Editor
* Fixed a minor audio output problem
* Fixed compatibility problem under Windowsâ„¢ 98

Nero BackItUp

* • A backup is no longer deleted if update backup is cancelled when a medium is requested

Nero Cover Designer

* A problem that was caused by clicking on the brush tool is fixed


I can confirm that this update has fixed the “multi session issue” of the NEC 3500 (multi session option greyed out and not available). The drive seems to be fully (100%) supported now.


Any idea what this “automatic” booktype option does, exactly?


… fact is, if you put a DVD+R in , Nero changes booktype to DVD-Rom … it does so with
. . my NEC (FW with bitsetting) and even with my Plextor 712. Until this NeroVersion
. . I wasn’t able to change booktype with plex and I thought it’s a thing of firmware.

… I didn’t try DoubleLayer, cause there are none at home, I think it will hopefully change
. . to DVD-Rom, too


I doubt that the PX-712A will support booktype setting as it’s controlled by the drive’s firmware and not the software.


Anyone an idea, how to control, if booktype setting finally is working or not with the PX-712A and the new NERO-version?


@ G@M3FR3@K :

… yeah, I doubt it too, but fact is that checks with PlexTools or DVDInfo results in showing me
. . booktype as DVD-Rom. I’m wondering and do not unterstand, cause I think - same as you -
. . it’s the work of the firmware. Should it be a Nero-‘fake’, not the first one we noticed ??


If it is a Nero fake only trying to read a disc recorded that way in a drive that doesn’t recognize DVD+R, as Samsung 616F (? - think this is the letter, if not will be E) that doesn’t do the job.

If this facility works would be something strange but very useful, as Plextor told me they will not support bit setting for my 708A.


‘Time Remaining’ counter using NEC 3500 always reports about 7mins to record an 8x DVD+R, when it actually takes about 9min 45 seconds! So the counter hits 00:00:00 2mins 45 seconds before the burn ends :slight_smile:


It was the same with Nero and NEC 2510 : the NEC start at 4X, then pass 6X and finish @8X (Zoned-CLV). This is a small Nero “bug”…


It also permanently turns my mouse cursor into the ‘move’ cursor when I click Nero’s taskbar and drag the Nero window around. I have to reselect my pointer settings in control panel to get my original cursor back :slight_smile:


“Optimized Booktype settings for some vendors”

As this seems to mean the removal of the booktype setting for LiteOn burners, I remain unimpressed and a bit hacked off.


eeek booktype setting missing? does that mean Nero cannot be burn as dvd-rom if u never set enable it in the firmware.


eeek booktype setting missing? does that mean Nero cannot be burn as dvd-rom if u never set enable it in the firmware.

It can still be set as DVD-ROM by using the LiteOn utility (I only know the implications for LiteOn drives) prior to burning with Nero, but although I flashed with auto-bitsetting enabled, if I burned with Nero .25 it burned as DVD+RWs not DVD-ROMS, so I had to use the booksetting utility every time.
Tiresome so I reverted to .17 without reflashing and my auto-bitsetting returned :confused:
At least I know where I stand :wink:


Thanks for the warning. I guess I’ll stick with .20 and not go up to .25. Yea, programs like Nero have the ability to send commands that will override what was set by the LiteOn booktype utility and what was set by auto-bitsetting, which is rather annoying. There was some earlier version of Nero (can’t remember what) that was also incorrectly overriding these settings, though they fixed it. Looks like the problems back again. :a


damm curse those ahead. Guess I need to go get the .20 version then


NEC users using modified auto-bitsetting firmware by Maddog, TDK, Herrie, TDB, Liggy etc., make sure you set the booktype setting in the recorder options to “Current recorder setting”. Nero won’t (accidentally?) override the (permanent) booktype you set using the Winbtype.exe then.

It should look like this:

This might solve problems for people using different drives with auto-bitsetting firmware as well.


+1 Packetlos

I used this setting in Nero and set the drive to DVD-ROM with WinBtype on 2510 fw 2F7.