Nero less bloated?

As I don’t want/like all the extra stuff demo installer has i.e. cover designer, wave editor, nero start smart etc. what I’ve done is opened the .exe with winrar and then extracted it. Then opened the extracted folder and copied the “nero” folder to a place in my c:, then deleted the extracted folder. Made a shortcut of “nero.exe” from the “nero” folder to my desktop and now it works without all the extras.

Is this ok? It works allright for me. I don’t know if the setup installs some files that are essential to nero. Any info?

noone tried that?

hey i like that idea!

The design of any software is meant to be a closed loop, when you break it up in reality you have a broken system that one way or another it is start to behave weird soon. This is just my own opion it is not concrete.

i was thinking that as well, that’s why i dumped it.