Nero is out with Booktype interface

So probably it’ll work with latest FWs. Post your results here.

Why not ?

Perhaps Nero Forum is a more appropriate place for that.

No Booktype interface here with Herrie’s v2b5 (based on HP520i)

I guess he wants to discuss abilities to set the booktype with this Nero version for NEC drives with stock firmware, as there was already information that this could be possible. So I guess the NEC forum should be fine for this.

Then, I guess, avoiding any kinda misunderstanding/confusion
the topic and its content should have been more clearly constracted.

I guess Big assumed this as he started the topic in the NEC forum :wink:

I’m not getting any booktype settings in Nero .17 with the NEC, or with any other burner for that matter.


I haven’t tried it yet, but the option is there.
I’m running a ND-2500A@ND-2510A 2.15(TDB)…


I use 1.07v2b4, no such option is there. I get it only with my 811S. I suspect they are allowing it only on specific drive models. Both the 2500 and 1213s can set booktype, just not in Nero.

Yes. The option has not been implemented for the ND-2500A, just for the ND-2510A (only 2.15? Perhaps someone can point out if it also works with K02P and 2.04…). I read this in the german computer magazine “c’t”.


the org. 2.15 works with the new nero in bitsett mode??

No booktype setting here on my Benq DW800 or LiteOn 812s.
Nero must be being selective about what it offers on?

Just a casual observation I have made, is that this bitsetting in Nero 63117 seems to only be for DL capable drives.

Then… I’m really confused.

  1. Is this new option only for DL +R(W) disc? Otherwise I don’t see any reason why they don’t let SL drives see this option.

  2. If a software can do bitsetting even without the “bitsetting enable” firmware, what’s the point of having a specific firmware for that?

  3. If this function turns out to be useful (there’s a thread questioning if bitsetting of HP based firmware is proper) either we all have to change our drive names to 2510 (what a nonsense?) or somebody will hack nero so that the option is available regardless of drive names. :slight_smile:

I did a test last night and posted it to another thread it does not bitset SL media I have no DL so i cant say about that.

my setup

nec 2510a stock 2.15

Nero bitsetting option set to DVD-ROM


Yes, you’re right! :sad:
I’ve just tried it with a DVD+RW, but the booktype is still unmodified and says DVD+RW. So the option is for dual layer media only?


I tried it with my 811S, and it had no effect.

maybe the new nero version is another bugged one :Z

The NEC2500 w 1.07 hv2b5 is DL capable, yet there is no booktype setting here either :

Anyone here who is willing to spend a DL media for a little booktype test? :bow:

I have the booktype settings on my BenQ 800@830 and my LiteOn 812@832 in the options of the recorder select.