Nero Burning ROM veeeeery sloooow with iLink/FireWire

I’m currently burning UDF data dvds and i use Verbatim 4x DVD-R (nero recognizes them as 8x).

The computer is a Vaio 866 laptop with Windows XP Pro and the data is on a NTFS firewire hardisk (connected to the vaio with 4pin-ilink). The burner a NEC 2510a is connected to the firewire port of the harddisk.

It took 2 hours to burn one 4gb dvd. I think that’s not normal. What do you think! I’m thankful for every hint on how to improve speed. On my Apple PowerBook it took 15 minutes to burn a 4gb DVD with the same burner. (No, i can’t transfer the data to this computer!)

Both IDE Channels (Device Manager) show “Ultra DMA Mode”.

thank you in advance

Sounds like a bottle neck problem having the burner hanging of the hard disk.

I guess you only have one firewire port on the laptop?

Perhaps get a PCMCIA firewire card so both hard disk and burner is not on the same firewire port.

Tried to swop them around, let the hard disk piggyback of the burner?

there is something of an relation between the filesize and the burning speed. when i burn ogg-vorbis files to 2x medium it tooks 40 min. when i burn avi files to a 4x medium it tooks 4 hours.

i tried also to switch the hdd with the dvd burner. nothing changes.

any ideas?