Nero is out

Nero is out


(saw this post in the Recording Hardware Forum’s most-recent-post thingie)

Thanks. Gotta give it a try!

But in the future, perhaps the Nero/InCD forum would be more appropriate of a place…

I can confirm that Booktype is shown in the new version as well, though u need to insert a blank disc first the start up and select dvd and then the BURN tab.

strange… I insert a new +RW in the drive, 1004 with 0050 firmware, no bit setting

What’s your drive and firmware version?


You only get this option by selecting DVD-ROM instead of DVD-Video? I have been doing my discs as DVD-Video and copying the videots info from my hd into the videots folder on the disc and then burning. I don’t get that box when I use + or - discs. I have tried it with memorex +R and Princo -R and have had to use the bit set utility each time. I need to know if I should be using DVD-ROM instead.

1008 and 0658

I just got the newest Nero download and am running firmware 350 on my 1004 drive. I don’t get any option for booktype within Nero. No matter if the disc is a + or - in the drive when I load it. My guess is Nero has that option for the 1008 and 1108 drives where as the 1004 has to use the bit set utility prior to launching Nero.