Nero have bugs?

I using Lite-on SOHW-812s.
Nero can’t lead-out on my Mitsubishi 4x DVD-RW.
But it haven’t happened on Nero
Have any people have this problem??

thx for help!!

I have the same problem with both my 812S and my Pioneer A05 when trying to write to my Pioneer 1/2x DVD-RW. Only since I upgraded to Nero

Would appear to be a Nero bug.

Never had the problem before with my A05. Only upgraded to when I recently purchased the 812S.

I seen this too on tdk DVD-RW with leadout gets an error but the data seems to still be readable.

Since I really don’t attend while I’m burning, but did they just add the “Writing short lead-out” function at the end of DVD’s? I just noticed it recently after I got What does this do?