Nero and hung up

I have a problem with start up Nero Burning ROM from version
After any update attempts from it completely freeze during start up on “scanning SCSI/IDE bus…”.

I red posiible solutions from Ahead:

[I]24. When scanning SCSI/IDE Bus Nero hangs. What can I do?

a) If you have a ZIP drive, boot up with a disc inside.

b) If you have any Scanners, or USB devices, or any other unique devices on your system, disconnect them for this test.

c) Do you have ScanDisc_FlashCard installed on your system? If yes, please install the latest version of Nero from our homepage.

d) Do you have the PNY USB compact flash card reader? I you do, please unplug this from your system, and Nero should then work fine.

e) Look for the MACOPEN.VXD driver and if you find this loaded on your system, rename it to .bac extension.

f) This can also be caused by improper DMA support. Be sure to upgrade the drivers for your IDE Chipset, such as VIA or Intel. Or in some cases you will have to disable DMA support for the recorder to prevent this from occurring. [/I]

But it does not work at all.

  1. I not have any ZIP-like devices
  2. I unplugged any USB devices (with reboot and w/o reboot)
  3. I not have MACOPEN.VXD file on my HDD
  4. I tried any combinations with UDMA and PIO setting for my DVD-RW…
  5. I have latest IDE drivers for my i865 chipset

I have:
Abit AI7 MB with Serial ATA, Intep P4 2.8GHz HT, 1Gb Kingston RAM, not have any overclock options and CD/DVD emulators …

Please, could somebody help me?

Sorry… One more thing…
OS: Windows XP Pro SP1 with all latest official updates…

While Nero is ‘hanging’, start Task Manager and look for “RMADEC.EXE” End Process. Nero will continue and start normally.