Nero has bitsetting



I can’t see any options for bitsetting in…

13 is out??

Here it is OC-Freak.

Insert a DVD+R and after you click burn it appears this window.

Where can I download it . I found only …10


Hmm. I don’t have that option with my DRW1108IM fw B222

I only see a JPN version, isn’t this japanese?

just use dvd info pro it’ll let you bitset dvd-r/dvd+r dvd-rw/dvd+rw whilst still using nero


doesn’t work for me either with my 1004 with 0250 firmware

Where did you find a DRW1108IM, i can’t find that model anywhere.

Pls see my note here > [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Nero

Btw, as far as I can recall, bitsetting is now there by default,
so there shouldn’t be that box there anymore. Well, mine doesn’t have it.[/COLOR]

The new Nero supports Bit setting now is out now