Nero unpacking CRC



Since I posted in the general nero subforum but no one has answered yet I repeat my post here hoping some of ou engineers will help me resolve this serious problem
I believe this is an important error, one that I can replicate many times with a number of files versions that I have repeatedly downloaded.
So it is not a one off setup failure
I get this type of error when unpacking nero all l the time whether it be Winxp pro or win2k pro

Downloaded nero files 6 times already from different ftps https
When installation files is initiated the following error occurs showing two corrupted files

I also tried to extract or unpack nero.exe to more friendlier(less cmplicated path) temp directory and lthen I get the message that setup.exe is also corrrupted

I also tried to setup in nero in safemode still no luck

Please help

The comment below contains SFX script commands

Nero63110.exe C68CD385
26.3 MB (27,652,458 bytes)

Setup=setup.exe /SFX
Title=Nero 6.0- Ahead Software AG

getting this error message when unpacking
In summary this is what happens
CRC failed in Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO.dll

CRC failed in WMPBurn\NeroBurnPlugin.dll

CRC failed in Nero Toolkit\CDSpeed.exe

The whole message windows appears like this:
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins
Extracting Nero\CDI
Extracting Common Files
Extracting CoverDesigner
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters
Extracting ImageDrive
Extracting Common Files\Lib
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\msa7
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero BackItUp
Extracting nero soundtrax
Extracting Nero StartSmart
Extracting Nero Toolkit
Extracting Nero Wave Editor
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets
Extracting Redist

Extracting setup
Extracting System
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates
Extracting WMPBurn
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_VCD.APP
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\TWINVQ2.CDB
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_VCD.CFG
Extracting Nero\CDROM.CFG
Extracting Nero
Extracting setup.cfg
Extracting ImageDrive\ImageDrive.cpl
Extracting CoverDesigner\def.dat
Extracting CoverDesigner\stocks.dat
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\Aac.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\aacenc32.dll
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\aacplus.dll
Extracting Common Files\Lib\AdvrCntr.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\Aiff.dll
Extracting Common Files\Lib\apreg.dll
Extracting System\atl.dll
Extracting Nero\AudioPluginMgr.dll
Extracting Nero\CDCopy.dll
Extracting Nero\cdr100.dll
Extracting Nero\cdr50s.dll
Extracting Nero\CDROM.dll
Extracting Nero\cdu920.dll
Extracting Nero\cr2200cs.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\DefConvertor.dll
Extracting Common Files\Lib\DriveLocker.dll
Extracting Nero\Drweb32.dll
Extracting Nero\DVDREALLOC.dll
Extracting Nero\Dws114x.dll
Extracting Nero\Equalize.dll
Extracting Nero\FATImporter.dll
Extracting Redist\gdiplus.DLL
Extracting Nero\GENCUSH.dll
Extracting Nero\Generatr.dll
Extracting Nero\GenFAT.dll
Extracting Nero\geniso.dll
Extracting Nero\GenPCHy.dll
Extracting Nero\GenUDF.dll
Extracting ImageDrive\idriveinst.dll
Extracting Nero\image.dll
Extracting ImageDrive\imagedrv.dll
Extracting Nero\ImageGen.dll
Extracting System\imagr5.dll
Extracting System\imagx5.dll
Extracting System\ImagXpr5.dll
Extracting Nero\ims.dll
Extracting Nero\ISOFS.dll
Extracting Nero\KARAOKE.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\lame_enc.dll
Extracting Redist\mfc42.DLL
Extracting Nero\MMC.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PP.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO.dll
CRC failed in Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO_dmo.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO_hlp.dll
Extracting Common Files\DSFilters\mp4file.dll
Extracting Nero\MPGEnc.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\msa7\msa.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\msa.dll
Extracting Redist\MSVCP60.DLL
Extracting Redist\msvcrt.dll
Extracting Nero\NeHDBlkAccess.dll
Extracting Nero\NeMP3Dmo.dll
Extracting Nero\NeMP3Hlp.dll
Extracting Nero
Extracting WMPBurn\NeroBurnPlugin.dll
CRC failed in WMPBurn\NeroBurnPlugin.dll
Extracting Common Files\Lib\NeroCBUI.dll
Extracting Nero\NeroCom.dll
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Common Files\Lib\NeroIPP.dll
Extracting Nero\NeroMediaCon.dll
Extracting Nero\NeroNet.dll
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero\NetRecorder.dll
Extracting Nero\NeVCDEngine.dll
Extracting Nero
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\ogg.dll
Extracting System\picn20.dll
Extracting Nero\READHD16.dll
Extracting Nero\ReadHD32.dll
Extracting Nero\ro1420c.dll
Extracting setup\shortcut.dll
Extracting System\TwnLib20.dll
Extracting Nero\UDFImporter.dll
Extracting Nero\VCDMenu.dll
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\vfft.dll
Extracting Nero\VMPEGEnc.dll
Extracting Nero\VMPEGEncNDX.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\Vqf.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\VqfDecLib.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\VqfEncLib.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\VqfEncLib1.dll
Extracting Common Files\AudioPlugins\wav.dll
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\waveedit.dll
Extracting Nero\WNASPI32.DLL
Extracting Redist\50comupd.exe
Extracting Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe
Extracting Nero Toolkit\CDSpeed.exe
CRC failed in Nero Toolkit\CDSpeed.exe
Extracting CoverDesigner\CoverDes.exe
Extracting Nero Toolkit\DriveSpeed.exe
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\DXEnum.exe
Extracting Nero Toolkit\hwinfo.exe
Extracting ImageDrive\ImageDrive.exe
Extracting Nero Toolkit\InfoTool.exe
Extracting Nero BackItUp\NBJ.exe
Extracting Nero BackItUp\NBR.exe
Extracting Nero
Extracting System\NeroCheck.exe
Extracting Nero\NeroCmd.exe
Extracting Nero StartSmart\NeroStartSmart.exe
Extracting Nero\NRESTORE.EXE
Extracting Setup.exe
Extracting Redist\shfolder.exe
Extracting nero soundtrax\SoundTrax.exe
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\WaveEdit.exe
Extracting WMPBurn\WMPBurn.exe
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_TEXT.FNT
Extracting Nero\DosBootimage.IMA
Extracting ImageDrive\imagedrv.mpd
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\Audio_Classic.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\AudioData.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\AudioData_B&W.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\AudioData_Classic.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\DanceHiphop.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\DanceHiphop_B&W.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\Data.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\Data_B&W.nct
Extracting CoverDesigner\Templates\Data_Classic.nct
Extracting Nero BackItUp\BackItUp-Deu.nls
Extracting CoverDesigner\covered-deu.nls
Extracting Nero BackItUp\NBJ-Deu.nls
Extracting Nero BackItUp\NBR-Deu.nls
Extracting Nero\Nerodeu.nls
Extracting nero soundtrax\SoundTrax-Deu.nls
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\vplugins-deu.nls
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\waveedit-deu.nls
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\AudioControls2.ocx
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Axis.ocx
Extracting CoverDesigner\CoverEdCtrl.ocx
Extracting nero soundtrax\EffectCtrl.ocx
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\LEDMeter.ocx
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Recording.ocx
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\1e61b927-8c5044d4-ae889c51-dd586cd3.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\2c7682e2-d38b40b0-afd3ab3f-1119f089.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\36b69eab-4da7410e-a9233458-ff920a91.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\3e837f70-d5764187-951f9de3-34cf0129.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\53e09fcc-6dc04140-9f962ece-93584bc.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\541c03d3-cbfb40c0-b0385740-afec9f4.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\5d1f0052-f8114a9f-9deea25e-39d99e88.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\6073de43-6e416f-90412ea3-2b56d0af.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\73a712b4-d614426e-bd00e28a-2680e483.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\73abe042-a4514a93-853113e3-8a42a686.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\7c25acb5-fb1c458e-87732cad-5b483c26.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\8c3d0948-7044dc-8325bbcd-3a3a56ce.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\9568266b-fc044b76-aad47a1d-2a20fe2c.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\9ccd71-dd314df9-b871a1b2-adb7d13c.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\9d61817f-45664ed8-9445daa0-a46641de.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\a1d2638d-b23f429f-b0afdee5-a3350131.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\ac92b519-53b641d6-89c2ba98-44554b2c.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\b12dd394-8ac74eb1-95c9d1ec-2bf2ee19.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\b18df606-87964fc1-8b5c6414-bbe887a3.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\c62798c7-f50a4226-a88470d-37015a98.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\d8684a6c-a1a14e4a-93c59908-d63ba37e.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\d9608ef8-5d0d4927-a0091465-535f57ed.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\e450dd9d-ff584493-9bfcd356-9d10547c.pre
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\Presets\fed38076-c8f547a7-9f8e0da5-8e44486.pre
Extracting Nero\EQUA_ENG.PRF
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_IMAG.RTF
Extracting ImageDrive\imagedrv.sys
Extracting ImageDrive\imagesrv.sys
Extracting Nero
Extracting setup\Eula_deu.txt
Extracting setup\EULA_eng.txt
Extracting setup\EULA_jpn.txt
Extracting setup\Eula_kor.txt
Extracting Nero\Nero.txt
Extracting Nero\Nerodeu.txt
Extracting Nero\DRWEBASE.VDB
Extracting Nero
Extracting Nero\Boo.wav
Extracting Nero\DingDong.wav
Extracting Nero\Trumpet1.wav
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\DXBridge.wpl
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\vPlugIns.wpl
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\VSTBridge.wpl

Thank you


Hi there DR Who,
I had the exact same problem and I found that when I downloaded the update without my anti-virus on it installed perfectly. Perhaps you could give it a try…

Good Luck


HI Dr i have a problem much similiar to yours:
When i try to install ANY version of Nero it simply says “cannot create Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO_hlp.dll” and “cannot create Nero\NeMP3Hlp.dll” this happens WITH EVERY VERSIONS. i have posts on various forums but noone can tell me what s the problem, i email Ahead support but… no response. Couriosly i have same problems with other dlls (like imagehlp.dll) almost ALL dlls that contain the word HLP and i found they cant be removed if present (if you dont rename them to*.txt and then rightclick->uncheck “only read” in the proprieties of the file). I have no answers but im working to somthing for installing nero without theese files. Try this way: find Mp3PRO.dll on the net, run the nero installer package without closing it when it says to quit the installation, go to windows temp dir, copy the temp dir of nero, go to the dir when mp3pro is missing and copy there the one you download, run setup from the root of the temp dir. if dont work try replacing mp3pro with a file with same size and ren it to *.dll (maybe the corrispondant I wish someone could help us in this problem because i didn t find any answer on the net ANYWHERE!


My problem is similiar to yours. During the instalation of NeroVision Express (“CRC failed in Cover Designer\Templates\AudioData.nct
Unexpected end of archieve”)


SEE next answer.


Here is an answer of the NERO technical support.

«This is a common error message when you have a corrupted download. This can be
caused by Firewall or Anti-Virus protection. Please disabled these first, and
then download and install our latest releases of our software. You may want to
download from another system and then bring over to your system and install.»

I had the same problem and after I disabled my anti-virus(McAfee-VirusScan enterprise 8.0.0) every thing has been all right!

Good luck.


I disabled Symantec Client Firewall and it started to work! :confused:


I too have run across the CRC errors when attempting to install a trial version of Nero 7.2.3.
I know that the issue is not with a corrupted download because 1) MD5 check sum checked ok and 2) when the same downloaded file is ran on another computer, the extracting and install works fine. I’m not overclocking any components. I have tried to install in safe mode with no luck. I have also tried to disabled and then uninstalled my virus protection, still with no luck. I’m running a Dell Inspiron E1505 notebook with 1.6ghz dual core processor. I have read several other threads from other sites in the process of googling for answers but most have been related to corrupted downloads and my problem is not a corrupted download. Has anyone else have the same issue?


suggest u change anti-virus. try avast it dosent interfare with downloads-.


Hi there, I am raeding this thread with interest.
I was alerted to a virus attached to nero ax files by Zone Alarm. These have been deleted apart from one that has found its way into Sys Vol folder!! I double checked with AVG and thta has placed a lot of my install files in its vault. Any thoughts?