Nero 6.3.02 writing error when burning .nrg file on DVD

HI. I have LiteOn OEM dvd burner DRW 1S40. When I try to burn DVD image file (nrg - 2.5 Gb in size) in DVD ISO mode nero warns that because of its size (over 2Gb), the file must be burned in UDF file system (this can be done by choosing appropriate compilation type). So, I have chosen DVD (UDF) compilation type but every time, during finishing the process (writing lead out) I am getting “burning process failed at 4X”. I am using DVD-RW Imation media, but “DataSafe” media behave in the same manner. The media can not be the cause because when I burn files smaller than 2Gb in DVD ISO mode on the same media everything is OK and the transfer rate curve in Nero tool is perfect. Thanks in advance

Are you trying to burn this NRG file for backup/archival purposes? Why dont you burn the image to the disc using the burn image file option?

I understand what you are trying to say but even if I do that, it still doesnt solve anything. The problem exists no matter what kind of file I am burning if it is bigger than 2 Gb. It could be mpeg2 file or any other kind of file.

I have 2 DVD-RW discs and a Gigabyte (Liteon) drive and i have the same problem with those discs. If i burn a full disc it will ALWAYS fail at the end, even though the discs and the contents on them still work.
Is your message something like ‘Invalid field in command’ or something like that when writing the lead-out?