Submitted as news a couple of days ago…but guess they’re slow about getting it up. Anyways, thought someone might be interested.

InCD has appeared even more recently than the timestamp on the file you mention. It’s in the main (root) FTP folder and in the official version number list at

As the version of Nero you mention is in a “philips” folder on the FTP server and doesn’t appear in the official version number list, I suspect it’s not supposed to be regarded as the next version of Nero 6. Normally when Ahead release a new version of Nero 6, it’s announced on the Nero web site within a couple of hours of appearing on the FTP servers.

I suspect this is a special version that adds support for a new Philips drive, or possibly for developmental DVD+R dual layer work.

I suspect there’ll be a formal release of a new version of Nero 6 in the next few days. I would be inclined to wait for that unless you are having problems with