I installed the newest version of Nero but as of the moment I only have a CD-RW drive and about to buy a DVD-RW drive soon. When I open the Nero program, I don’t see the option regarding DVD-Video mode. Is it because I don’t have the DVD-Writer drive yet? :eek:

More than likely it is because you have no DVD writing hardware. I’ve got a NEC ND-2500A in my machine, and all the DVD formats are available in Nero

If you go to Preferences on the File menu, then check the “Enable all supported formats for the Image Recorder” box on the “Expert features” tab, are you then able to record DVD Video using the Image Recorder (and access that image using Nero ImageDrive if you so wish)?


thanks for the info. i will check that tab with nero later today. i’ll keep you posted. also, i’ll be getting my first dvd writer this week and hopefully everything will be fine.