Nero Ultra - DVD burning problems

I just bought a rather expensive 25 pack of DVD + R by Maxell. The label says that they hold 4.7 GB, but according to Nero they only hold 4 454 mb. Is Nero wrong or are the disc labels lying? And if this is a problem with Nero, is there any way to fix it?

EDIT - I have a Lite-On 451S DVD +/- RW drive.

the problem is, i gues how people calculate mb’s and gigabyte’s

1024mb = 1 gig
some use 1000mb=gig

but with your disk is nothing wrong

Well either way, it’s not 4.7 GB right? So is Nero detecting it wrong or is it really about 4.5 GB?

believe me they are all like that

and yes, you could call it lying…it is the same when you buy a 120 gig harddisk…afther the format…there is no 120 gig…

Ok, well then, I have to re-organize my computer back up plans. Thx a bunch.

this is one of the greatest misunderstandings in storage media/devices:

In DVD media and in harddisks 1GB=1000MB=10001000KB=10001000*1000bytes

In memory dimms and in cdr disks 1GB=1024MB=10241024KB=10241024*1024bytes. This is also the “true” definition of GB because it is a power of 2.

So the GB for dimms is slightly bigger than the GB for dvd media and hard disks. Same holds between the two definitions for “MB” and between the two definitions for “KB” .

Nero does the calculations as in memory dimms so the 4.7GB=4700000000B as it writes in the label of DVD-R discs are in fact only 4700000000/(1024*1024)=4482 MB or about so.

The slight error in calculation is because dvd-r hold somewhere between 4.7GB and 4.71GB (i use the first definition for GB here that is 1GB=1billion bytes) .