NERO and LITEON 411s

Using WinXP SP1 and a LITEON LDW411s.
With NERO 6.0 it was ok, when I installed I can burn DVD+R&RW but with DVD-R the program gets stuck with cpu time at 40% doing nothing on last screen @ burning time.
411s is @ FS0F level. Both DVD+R and DVD-R are SONY and with NERO v 6.0 they both work fine.

Any clues?


no problems using dvd-r , it is all i use with nero and they work fine, well i use img burn tool which uses nero to burn the files

I think Nero is a perfect match with LDW-411S firmware FS0H. I also install the cleanpack provided by Nero and now it is my preferrable DVD burning software with the 411S.

DVD-R/RW, very good burn result, esp. when closing the disc
DVD+R/RW, good as usual.