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I apologize if the same question have been asked before. I’ve used search, but came up with nothing. If this is the case, please supply me with a link to the thread. I’ve got a file browser problem in Nero It is very slow when I open a folder containing a lot of files. For example, WinXP installation CD copied on the HDD, or My Pictures. File browser is slow when I simply navigate to such a folder. The time of accessing the XP installation CD folder is up to 30 seconds. During this process the CPU load is about 70-80%. It’s slow with previously accessed folders only if I reboot, but it’s ok if I access the same folder twice when I set up a compilation. It’s a little slow if I access the same folder after closing and running Nero again, but it takes about 5 sec for folder to open.

I don’t have similar problem with accessing directories both in Windows Explorer and TotalCommander. I can’t think of any other issues with my system.

Nero settings are by default. Path for Nero cache is C:\DOCUME~1\Username\LOCALS~1\Temp\

I’ve been running different versions of Nero for about three years, and I’ve never experienced a problem like that. No other issues with Nero. Moreover, Nero doesn’t have such a problem.

My config:
Intel D815EEA
Pentium III 933 MHz
512 RAM
WDC WD1200JB (Primary Master)
WDC WD400BB (Primary Slave)
LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-451S (Secondary Master)
TEAC CD-W512EB (Secondary Slave)
Creative Sound Blaster PCI
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
PSU Antec SL 400

Added: OS WinXP SP1 + updates up to November 2003

If any additional info is needed, I’ll be glad to supply it. I will appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve the issue. Thanks for your attention.

You need to upgrade your Nero, the 6300 version was full of bugs.

Thanks for you reply, BoSkin. Congrats with your (new) title :wink:

I recall something about 5.5.x.y versions varying stability from y to y… Quick glance at shows and Should I try the most recent one?

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Congrats with your (new) title :wink:

Should I try the most recent one?
Thanks & Yes :wink:

Well, I’ve upgraded to The problem is still there. I just defragmented the partitions, and although they had been fragmented, I still see no improvement. Nero still takes ridiculous amount of time to open directories. Happens both with FAT32 and NTFS partitions.

I don’t mind going back to 5.5.10.x, because I don’t think I use the advantages of 6.x anyway. However, I’d like to find the solution of the problem, and I’d appreciate any input.

Do you have any kind of AntiVirus software enabled?
I personally cant burn a single disc if Kaspersky AntiVirus is enabled.

Thank you, DGK30, it was a good point. I’m running Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.1. Genrally, CE versions always consume less system resources than Norton Antivirus 200x, and of course real-time monitor is not that tough on the system as the one in KAV :wink: Anyway, it appears Nero 6 is much more affected by Symantec CE than Nero 5. I’ve tested time needed for opening directories in Nero 6 with and without real-time protection.
When Enabled:
XP installation CD: 7 sec
I386: 12 sec
When Disabled:
XP installation CD: 2 sec
I386: 7 sec
Thus, real-time protection really affects time required for opening dirs.
Nero 6 is slower than Nero 5 on my config anyway, but I haven’t upgraded my system for three years :wink:

Thanks All. Hopefully, this thread will serve as a reference for those seeking an answer to the same question.

I’ve had the Nero file browser big slow down when F-Secure Internet Security 2004 is used, but I’ve found a fix within Nero. Turn off ‘Display Shell Icons’ in Preferences>File Browser and the browser works instantly with big folders whether my AV is on or not.

I have the same problem with nero I already turn off “Display Shell Icon” in perferences, but when I change from one drive to another drive, Nero always must the rescan the whole folder and files in the drive, sometime it will take about 2 mins to scan the files, so I have already down grade to Nero 5.5. Is nero fix this problem in Nero 6.6?