Nero Fails to burn disk

Hello everybody!
I have a problem with new version of Nero. The situation is that after caching files Nero shuts down immediately and block access to CD-RW drive. This error appears both after upgrade from and after clean installation. Does anyone have the same error? :confused:

System configuration for your reference:
Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 1 + all hotfixes released after SP1
AMD 2000+, 512MB RAM
ASUS Geforce 4 Ti4200, Latest detonator drivers
Terratec SixPack 5.1+ Sound card
ABIT AT7 Motherboard, 4-in-1 drivers ver. 4.49p
3x Maxtor 80GB, 7200rpm, ATA133 Hard Drive in RAID0 mode
NEC NR-7900A CDRW Drive