Nero 6.0 Ultra update

I just bought and installed Nero 6.0 Ultra (boxed version When I open Nero it say’s there’s an update available ( But when I click on link I get sent to here But page appears to be always down. If I go directly to Nero update/upgrade site I see NO DOWNLOAD button anywhere. Any ideas how one can update 6.0?

Added: I have seen and downloaded an update to but it seems to be for the Demo version which I don’t have.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

the updated ver and the demo ver are the same file when it is installed and you have the lic number put in it works the same… for some reason this ver say’s it is demo ver probably just overlooked and will be fixed next time. but all works as should so doesnt really matter what it say’s

danothemano, hello,

If you have a firewall or other security software which blocks cookies, ads or mobile code, the download of updates to Nero 6 Ultra will not be available to you.

If you do have this kind of software installed and running, try to close them down, and see if the download logo appears on the Nero download webpage . After you have completed the download, you can reinstate the security features.



Nosmo King

Thanks I turned off Zone Alarm and download happened.