Nero 6.0 Ultra ISO of MP3 Files Lacks Disc Lable

I’m using Nero 6.0 Ultra in W2K.

I create *.iso discs of my MP3 files.
Durring setup I relax the filename length restrictions and don’t use the same ISSO standard disc lable for the Joliet disc lable.

When the disc is complete, more often than not, I can NOT see a disc lable in My Computer / Filemanager.

I have a dualboot system with W2K and XP-Pro.
The lable does NOT appear in either OS.

In maybe 3 out of 10 boots, the disc lable was there.


I thought Nero would automatically truncae excessively long filenames.
Instead, it didn’t burn files with filenames in excess of 101+3 characters.