Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

What’s the difference between Ultra and Enterprise edition?

Anybody knows?

No idea! Is there a Enterprise? :rolleyes:
Maybe there is some info on the Nero website?
I know I am not helpful :confused:

Windows® XP 64-Bit or LINUX 64-bit version of Ahead’s Nero Enterprise Edition. This is a CD/DVD recording solution for System Administrators who need to keep Workstations and Servers running. Nero’s advanced technology has been optimized for use on Workstations and Servers designed around Intel®’s 64 Bit Itanium processors. Nero Enterprise additionally includes the following features:

Make a bootable EFI or Data CD/DVD enabling a timely system recovery
Generate CD/DVDs to exchange data between Windows, Linux and EFI
Full Nero CD/DVD data recording capabilities

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