Nero 6.0 File Menu Problem

I installed demo version of Nero 6.0 on two different computers and in both cases, when I go to “File” on the menu (to change preferences) I get an error (no drop down menu) as soon as my cursor passes over the word “File”. Error msg states that error is with “Nero.exe”. Same basic software on both computers, so there is obviously some conflict with an installed program.

Anyone run into this? anyone can point me to potential program conflict/cause? Nero5.5.xx all versions run fine.

Which demo version is that? It could be worth downloading the latest version and try if that does work. The latest version is v6.0.0.19 and can be downloaded here.

Even tried it with that version - same results.

It’s always a device driver problem. Win98? Video adaptor brand and driver versions? Soundcard? Chipset drivers?

if you have tweakui installed and have remember previously used file names unchecked in the Common Dialogs section this error will happen

Thanks Zilla - that was the solution. Both computers have Tweak UI and had that unchecked - program now works fine. How did you discover this (and what other problems lurk with Tweak UI?)

Whatha?! Great solution.

I found that solution in this forum maybe when they released the very first update this problem started. it was a long time ago tho so not sure where i found it…
it is a bummer tho because i do not like that setting keep thinking they will fix it every update but I dont think enough ppl say anything bout it to get their attention

btw it really is not a tweakui problem it is a nero6.xx.x problem.
if you know the registry key you can change that setting with or without tweakui. the original nero6.00.0 (or nero6ultra ed install cd) did not do this but each update since then has…

Been working (via e-mail) with Nero - but they had no clue toward this solution. I may forward to them in response to their reply - doubt it will have any impact.

Again great help - zilla - much appreciated.