NERO 6.0 Cover Designer

I have noticed several threads dealing with problems with NERO Cover Designer. I would like to add yet another and see if anyone else is having this problem. My problem is specially with the text box tool in NERO Cover Designer. I just updated to the latest build and when I opened previous CD covers that I had created in NERO 6.0 (older build), my text no longer is wrapped. It is wrapped in the properties box, but not in the text box, and certainly not in print preview. It just trails off of the page. Nothing I do, including selecting “fit to text”, will wrap the text. I even tried creating new text, but it will not wrap either. I have emailed Ahead and am awaitinng an answer. Anyone else have this problem or know how to correct it?

Can anyone advise me on a better program for creating CD Covers? I have used both Nero and Adapted products with neither being great.


Yes, I have this problem also. A fresh install of Nero Ultra Edition on a fresh install of WinXP Pro and the text won’t wrap. Even old covers that I had saved have the same issue. I have tried all the things mentioned previously with no success. So does anyone have any ideas??


I have the same problem. It exists for all updates after build of Nero Cover Designer. After every update, I informed the techsupport of Nero and they said, that they are aware of the problem and “it will be fixed with one of the next updates”. After different tests, I know, the problem is in the file ‘CoverDes.exe’. The only thing, I can advise, is to inform the techsupport: . As stated on Nero’s website, they will continue to release error fixes for Nero 6.0.

[QUOTE=Can anyone advise me on a better program for creating CD Covers? I have used both Nero and Adapted products with neither being great.


I use Acoustica CD\DVD labeler and find it outstanding, it’s not free but you can give the trial version a look. Does an outstanding job on CD and DVD covers with plenty of options to enhance.
Get it here:

You can do a work around by by hitting the enter key in the properties box where you want the line to end. Its a pain but it works.

very cool tip…i was frustrated with nero’s solution too…acoustica even has an import playlist from itunes! very nice. :clap:

Glad you like it.
Her’s a little tip when inserting jpg’s for cd front covers from a jpg of your choice.
Highlight your chosen jpg, then click on the red circle at the bottom left, this is the add label to foreground.
Next right click on the jpg that is in the view pane, then uncheck the “maintain aspect ratio” box.
Now stretch the label however you wish, you can even go past the boundaries to remove a part of the jpg you don’t want.