Nero - Problem MultiSession

Hi folks, I’d a problem with MultiSessions CD’s in Nero - I create one in Nero 6 and don’t close the session. A few days later I add to some new data files on work with the latest Nero 5.5.XX

So, I took the CD home and would open it on my home PC - Big surprise !!! All data files disappeared except those I wrote with Nero 5.5.XX !

If I open Nero 6 with “Multisession continue” the popup shows me all sessions, but in the browser aren’t any data files only those from Nero 5.5.XX !

After this I install the “Multimounter” from Ahead’s homepape, but
no success.

I asked the folks from Ahead, but they didn’t answer - so I ask you the members - Is there anybody with a soulution ???

Thankx in advance …

You can probably recover the 1st session with some tool (I don’t remember programs to do that now, but with a bit of search you’ll find them).

I don’t think it’s a good idea to merge Nero6 and Nero5.5 sessions.
Nero6 is probably buggy. I wrote this a month ago:
[i]"I was able (unfortunately, because I had taken the CD to a friend without checking) to burn a disc with a lot of file-entries in the index while the actual file was missing.

I mean the list of files in the explorer was correct but several files weren’t actually burned.
How? I had a (5.5version) NRI multisession compilation with a lot of MP3 files, and I copied all the entries to a new (6 version) NON-multisession compilation. The files in grey colour in the old compilation (which shouldn’t be written again in the multisession copilation) weren’t actually burned in the new compilation. The colour in the new compilation was black, so nothing made me suspect that they weren’t going to be burned.

Maybe it’s only a problem with old NRI compilations, but I’m not sure. I think I’ve seen a couple more of strange things, but I’m not sure if it was my mistake.
Anyway, Nero6 burned an incorrect CD, so it’s a bug. "[/i]

I didn’t see any message about not using Nero 5.5 compilations with Nero6 multisession, and I doubt that Ahead warned about this… :Z

Try IsoBuster:


Hi …

Are you positive you set the new multisession up as "continue … ", not accidentally as “no multisession” ?
I did this … and lost all the previous tracks, too, even tho the disc was full of stuff.
I couldnt find a way to recover it all. :a


Various versions of Nero have different multisession strategy, and may not play well together. Some versions have a bug that sometimes causes “unrecognized file format” errors when trying to continue a multisession disc. Nero multimounter only works in win98 as far as I know, you’ll need another tool for multimounting… Updating your version of 5.5 may help.

Hi, I tried “IsoBuster” and it works fine …

Thanks a lot for your help !

Nice week