I had Nero that came with my CDRW drive. Nero worked ok, with the exception that everytime I tried to run the Nero Info tool, the computer would simply reboot and tell me that it had just had a serious crash (d’ya suppose?). Anyway, I just installed the Pioneer DVR107d and upgraded to Nero I still have the same crash problem with the new version of system info, and the installation of Nero 6x also kicked out about half the icons in my system tray. I did an uninstall of Nero 5 before installing Nero 6. (messy uninstall-leaves a lot behind, Nero software team took the day off for that one)I also ran the Nero cleaning tool which came up empty. I finally did a system restore and am back to Nero 5x, but alas, it does not even recognize the DVR107.

Can anyone shed some light on any of these issues?

What’s in the box?
Win XP Pro SP1
Antec 1040 SOHO Tower
Gigabyte GA8PE667 Ultra mobo/P4 2.8ghz
1024 mb PC2700 RAM
Cendyne Lightning4 CD-RW
16x DVD Rom
80gb 7200 RPM hd (boot)
2x60gb 7200 hd (storage, RAID 1)
Pioneer DVR 107d DVD burner

The crash of InfoTool is probably Adaptec ASPI related (seriously!). I know I’ve said this to lots of people over lots of issues - but I was seeing exactly the same thing on my system until I removed Adaptec ASPI.

See my second post in this thread for details of how to get rid of Adaptec ASPI and more information on it. is too old to have support for your Pioneer. Try either at or the latest version of Nero 6, which, at the time of writing, is


David W-- You certainly seem to have answers for me. Thanks!
Where does Adaptec ASPI come in–I have never had Roxio installed on this system. When I built the system I started out with the Nero package that came with the CDRW. I knew that there was no chance that Roxio 4.x which came with the 10x HP CDRW drive in my old computer would work with a drive nearly 3 years newer.

Was the Nero upgrade to 5.5 released after Nero was released?

Thanks again!

Adaptec ASPI was a guess - but I wouldn’t be surprised if you find it is on your system. Is there an aspi32.sys anywhere in your Windows folder?

If you try my Adaptec ASPI removal instructions and find you haven’t got an aspi32 entry in “Non-Plug and Play Drivers”, then you hadn’t got Adaptec ASPI installed after all.

Roxio burning software hasn’t used Adaptec ASPI on Windows 2000 or XP for some years.

Nero is pretty recent - it came out around the beginning of March 2004. Nero is indeed older - in the Nero 6 series, Nero was current at the beginning of March, and was superseded by in mid March.

I’m not going to guarantee that has full support for the Pioneer DVR-107D. I know this version adds full support for the NEC ND-2500A, which earlier versions of Nero 5.5 lacked.

Personally, I only have a retail serial number for Nero 6, so I’m less clued up on Nero 5.5 than on Nero 6.