Nero woes

Set up this separate imaged partition with Nero on it so far I have tried three times to burn differnt ways and failed miserably. I still can’t explain what am I doing wromg with it but her it goes

1 created an ISO DVD with Ultraiso and prompted Nero to burn image reading ok writing failed

2 Created a 700mb ISO for CDR verbatim brand reading ok writing failed

3 Fully erased a CDRW BASF 650mb readable after 24min of erasing neither the device nor Nero could identfy that there was a disc on the drive. So I put it to the bin,

What on earth is happenig to my nero installation?

DVDRW Liteon 411S FOS0F firmware

Ok forget about the old installation on win2k it may have someconflicting with a previous packet writing soft DLA4.05

However, managed to install Nero on WinXP Pro Sp4 and it all went plain sailing including burning of of DVDs but when I went to do a 700mb CDR (verbatim brand) copy one large file *.gho “on the fly” it failed to verify giving me a CRC and then a DVD+RW Verbatim one of three images Gho also failed
Since then I toyed with Record Now Max DX 4.61 with updates and burned and verifyied successfully what Nero could not do it.
Is there any tweaks or something to correct this happening with Nero?