Nero / PX-708A Question

I have seen the ever-popular DVD+R “Can’t complete write due to DAO” problem with Nero and my Plextor PX-708A (Firmware Version: 1.03).

I’m burning with Memorex 4x DVD+R discs.

Has anyone found a workaround yet?


[b]Current Score:[/b]

DVD+R burn attempts: 5
Successful writes: 0
Coasters: 5 :Z

I have the exact same setup as you, seems your having more problems than me though. I have burned about 15 successful ones and 6 coasters. Seems noone knows a fix for it yet, at least noone posted one when i asked. Hopefully they will fix it for good soon. We all are wasting alot of money here:a

edit: i am also using the memorex DVD+R 4x discs

same problem here, also the same discs !

Uninstall 6.0.23 and reinstall 6.0.19…worked for me!

were did you get the older version? (im giving it one last try with 6.23 and then throwing the PC out the window)

but after i go out the window and get the PC back ill try your suggestion!

Where can we get I’ve installed currently, and still see the same problem.

Note: I also get the same failure using ImgToolBurn, which relies partly on the Nero Installation.


I just installed Nero

I will let you know the DVD+R recording results shortly …


Am I glad to find this post! I installed my PX-708A last night and proceded to burn about 10 DVD+R coasters. I used both TDK and Optodisk media with the same results.

I was just trying to burn a data disk with backups of pictures and documents. The burn goes to completion and then gives me an error when it trys to close the session.

Finally, I tried to burn a multisession disk. This time it worked. It appears that once you try and close the session, that is where the burn dies.

Does anyone know if this is a Nero problem or does it happen with all software? Also, is it exclusive to DVD+R media and will I have the same problem with DVD-R,-RW,+RW?

Would I have been better with another make of dvd burner?

I am glad I am not alone with this problem because I was going crazy!

I tried burning with Nero, and guess what!

It failed again. :Z

I guess some things never change.


Is it time to uninstall Nero and install the EasyCD software that came with my drive?

I wonder if EasyCD can now reside peacefully with Nero.

Yes, they co-exist fine! One caviat…you can use InCD OR Drag to Disc…but not both. The packet writing software conflicts…I suggest leaving InCD and when you install Easy CD Creator 6…do a custom and uncheck Drag to Disc…then you can use either Nero or ECDC 6 to burn CDs and DVD’s.


I have had so many problems in the past with InCD and cdrws suddenly becomming unreadable that I don’t use it anymore.

I guess I am going to install Easy CD tonight and use it for DVDs until Nero gets it’s act together (I hope EasyCD doesn’t have the same problem!)

New version of Nero posted. All is fixed now!!!

Well, even birds on trees allready know that every Nero release after and has the problem with Plextor PX-708A (any firmware) and DVD+R media finalization. I am using since its release, and didn’t have a single problem with DVD+R media working with that build. Also tried some other releases (even, and, of course, finished with coasters.

So, if You want to use Nero go for or That versions are latest releases with no PowerREC/VariREC support for PX-708A. Not big deal.

Try the latest, version 6.3. It now works.

Yep, with version it works fine…!!

Thanks for the update, guys!

I just installed Nero 6.3, but I haven’t got anything to record right now. Guess I need to visit Blockbuster …