Nero and 1300a?

Well I have an opportunity to get a 1300a for really cheap. Co-worker hates it. (I think he just knows less than even me!) He’s looking for fast and easy, like the stand alone DVD recorders.

He’ll let me try it first which is really cool. So here’s the question.

Has anyone with this DVD writer tried the new Nero update? If so, did it resolve the conflicts that had?

I can also get RecordNow 4.5 - if that will work - but I’m much more comfortable using Nero.

Isn’t there anyone who is braver than me willing to give it a try?

I bow to your daring in advance…:bow:

See my problem burning +RW with Nero
Get the RecordNow DX 4.61 if you can. RecordNow works better with NEC-1300A in my experience.

Must admit have had problems with ND1300a and Nero writing to DVD-R Media (Sony and unbranded 4x), but works fine with Maxell DVD-RW media. All media works fine with Easy CD Creator 6, so not a media problem. Wierd.