Nero sort order bug (reverse burning)?

I start using Nero 6 and find out that it writes files in REVERSE
order. I.e. it starts with the last file of last added folder and
continiues back to the first file of first folder.

It doesn’t matter with ISO - it sorts alphabeticaly in
file system, but with UDF - it’s really bad, because files
are burned in reverse order and my standalone DVD player (it required UDF DVD to recognize them as mp3 discs) starts to play from the last track and going backward to the first track. This is the strange way of listening to music albums, you know.

BUT !!! Nero - does everything RIGHT! But it doesnt support my new burner.

IS there anyway to fix this? Can anyone help???
Or is there a software that allow to make IMAGE file of UDF-file system to burn with Nero later?

Thank you!

See my post right above yours:

I have similar problem with M3U creating.


Try getting version to see if it supports your drive:


Originally posted by cfitz
[B]Try getting version to see if it supports your drive:

cfitz [/B]

Thanks, it supports the drive, and the files are burned in the right order now.

It’s pity that this bug will certainly remain for years in Nero (as they always do), and i already get used to Nero 6 interface … And i’m stuck to the old version now. I e-mailed the techsupport, but it’s useless, as i can tell from my experience.

Thanks for the tip, though!

You’re welcome. And hopefully Ahead’s engineers will eventually get around to that email you sent and do something about it so future versions of Nero 6 will work properly. :confused: We can always dream… :wink: