Nero bug with Plextor 708A

I have tried 3 times to burn a data DVD at speeds from 2.4x to 8X, with various amounts of data on the disk. Every burn reaches the end and then fails with this error:
Invalid Field Parameter
Could not perform end of Disk-at-once
Burn Process failed

Is this a known bug or is there a solution?

Yup, same problem here also…

Roxio works from the software that came from the drive, but I would rather use Nero!!

There are many issues with 6.00.15 You need to go back to 6.00.11 OR I have kept the and have NO issues writing DVD+R at 8X and have the disk written properly. Note all the bug reports on the latest Nero 6…most people have dropped the 15 version for 11.


If I could find it I would, I upgraded from Nero 5.5 to 6015.

Anyone got a link to 6011?? (if its leagal that is, I do have my own serial number :slight_smile:

This is where I got it…


Don’t know if it’s still there…but it was a few days ago…

Every ftp site has got nero60015.exe now, seems like I will stick with Roxio EasyCD for now…

I found another place…go here:


Use Nero v6.0.0.13. This is the latest version that ‘works’ with our Plextors.
Found the D/L using