Nero and Plextor 708A problems

karopi, the Plextor PX-708A has a problem with Nero This is not the Plextor’s fault but Nero’s fault. But, the Plextor PX-708A can also be picky with used DVD-R media because there is a lot of low quality DVD-R media available. If you want to be sure that your drive works well then use media that’s recommended by Plextor.

Ruined: I also experienced the same situation where I downgraded to in order to close disks, but then after a couple of days of smooth burning, the problem came back.

The good news is that Nero released a patch to that is supposed to fix this specific problem with the Plextor 708A.

Good luck all

Originally posted by RegulatorUG
The good news is that Nero released a patch to that is supposed to fix this specific problem with the Plextor 708A.

Has anyone had any luck with this patch?


I reupgraded to and then applied the new patch to fix the 708A problem, but I still receive the error when the writer tries to close the disk. Any thoughts anyone?

I too thought that there was a patch out that fixed the problems with the Plextor PX-708A drive. But, some people still reported problems and supposedly the patch doesn’t fix the Plextor problem but the overburning problem that was also introduced in these latest Nero versions. This latter problem appeared with all CD-RW and DVDRW drives and not only with this Plextor. If someone is experiencing problems with Nero and it’s perhaps a good idea to try out Nero v5.5.10.42 if you can find it online.

Originally posted by RegulatorUG
I just checked it and that patch is the same one as discussed here. It doesn’t seem to fix the Plextor problem, read the update for instance…

I tried a reinstall of and the Plextor patch, but neither helped. From other forums it looks like others aren’t being helped by the new patch either. The good news is that I am still able to close tracks and disks on these “coasters” using DVD Decryptor.

I cannot seem to get CD’s to burn with any consistency with the Plextor 708A V1.01 and both Imation 80 MIN CD-R and also some Verbatim Data Life Plus 80 MIN CD-R…They error out right at the beginning of the burn or they work…I have tried Nero and and also…Driving me nuts…Having the closing problem on DVD+R as well…Didn’t have neither as many problems with my Pioneer 106D, thinking about switching back…


If you are living in EU simply send drive back to Plextor. Their onsite service is excellent. And bear in mind service lasts for 2 years!

Hi all i think i have a different problem with my plextor:-

1, it starts writing ok but when it gets to 20% of the image the buffer level goes up and down NOT THE USED READ BUFFER and when it finishes copying the dvd it tells me it did it at 8x but it didn’t it did it at 4x the remaining time gets to 00:00:00 at 50% of burning

im using Ritek dvd+ media and Ricoh+


winxp home with all the updates

Has anyone tried the Update Yet?

Yep, it fixed all my problems with the 708A…Yippee!!!

Looks Like I will be installing it tonight!!!

First off, really nice forum. One of the few I could find addressing serious Plextor 708A issues.

I just recently got a Plextor 708A, and tried to burn some CD-R’s to warm up. I found that I was plagued by the “No Seek Complete” errors during writing the LeadIn as well as pretty much every problem discussed in this thread (piling up coasters gallore).

Now (2 days later) I found the problem was that I did not have DMA enabled on the Controller handling my 708A.

I know, it’s a real basic oversight, but I highly recommend anyone having any issues with this burner to double check your DMA settings through the Control Panel’s Device Manager. It might save you several reinstalls, headaches, and esp. discs.

Welcome to the forum wozzyozzy and thanks for the input. The most basic things are often overlooked :wink:

Hi all im looking to buy some 8x compatible +dvd media in the uk cant seam to find any on the internet can you help please

"8x compatible +dvd "
Try Philps DVD + R (k3200796c503rs3030320c3067 ???)
(says 1 - 4 x, but burn at 8!!) 2€

Sorry to be a paine but im having problems with my new plextor getting it to rite at 8x speed there’s so many dvd+ media out there can you tel me exactly what i need and were to buy it from in the uk a product code would help me cheers
i have found some philps +dvds on but im not shaw if these are the ones i need

The box is the same. But in my box appears:
9082 100 01632
Made in Taiwan


I hope this help

sorry i must be stupid i still cant find any 8x dvd+ media in the uk?