Nero and Plextor 708A problems

The information I received is that this patch fixes the ‘no overburning bug’ and not the Plextor PX-708A DVD+R bug. More information on the patch is on our mainpage here.

For those of you who still have probs finalizing +R i found a workaround. Reinsert your ‘coaster’ and finalize it using DVDDecrypter. Just right click on Plextor… and choose close disk. 1 minute later your disc is ready to go!:bigsmile:

That works great, Thanks… Now I need to try and figure out what to do with the extra Backups I have.

I had to close the track first then close the disk, But it still works and that’s all that matters.
Thanks Again.

Be welcome!:slight_smile:

copy jcurrier31:
"That works great, Thanks… " a lot everyone

I also had to close the track first and then close the disk. Worked great. Thanks for the tip Surg.

This is weird, it appears that Nero can be broken, as well. Nero was working great, then some other DVD software was installed, Nero magically stopped working again with the same error. A “Nero Clean” was attempted with reinstall with no success. Apparently, there must be some Windows DLL that Nero uses (or one that is overriding Nero’s default DLLs) that was updated or changed which now has broken Nero Any ideas?

The same thing happened to me after I installed copy to dvd. I just Deleted Everything. Used nero clean tools and reinstalled It seamed to work fine for me. I think I even deleted the drive from the device manager and let windows find it again after a restart.

Good luck

@ jcurrier31
Does copytodvd work for you? In my system it hangs when finalizing.

I tried it before with a +r and it hung up. I only used it once for a -R and it worked fine. After that Nero didn’t work anymore so I uninstalled it.

Gigabyte 8inxp
P4 2.66 at 3.01
Corsair Twin XMS 1024 2700 Dual channel
2 80 GB Maxtor 8 MB buffer HD in Raid 0
WD 40 GB Serial ATA (Rocketead adapter)
All in Wonder Raedon 9000Pro
Lite-on 52x32x52
Lite-on Combo 48x 16 DVD
Plexwriter 401240a
Plextor PX-708A

Any way we can find what specific DLL is causing this?

Does anyone know where I could find Nero My Lite-On drive came with Nero My Plextor drive didn’t come with Nero :frowning: – why?..

Also, kudos to Surg: You’re info helped me resurrect my “coaster”.

Stich try this link for previous versions

Thanks for your reply MikeP.
I followed the link you provided, but couldn’t find updater for version – only for and other older versions. Am I missing something?

Sorry stich they musta pulled earlier versions,if you mail me will be happy to send you disc.

Thanks for your offer MikeP. I actually reverted back to version and that version doesn’t display the problem (although it is seemingly slower).

Stich, try this download. I think this is where I got it from last Friday.

Thanks for the link oldfartjc.

Nero’s official response:

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

This is a known issue which other users are experiencing especially with the Plextor CD Burner. Please wait till the next release comes out which will address this problem.

Best regards

Ahead Support Team"

I used nero 5510.50 to backup my data with DVD-R media. It was done successfully at 4X but can’t be read.

I choose DVD+RW media, and it works well.

This is so sad for me to purchase such expensive mechine.

Is there something wong with the media, Nero, or Plextor 708a?

Thanks all!