Nero M3U playlist bug

Hi all,

Right now I’ve tested new version Nero and found one “minor” bug:

When try to extract some wav,mp3,… files from Audio CD and enable “Create M3U playlist”, then songs are ripped perfectly, while the created M3U list contains songs in a reverse order (last extracted track is first in M3U list and so on…):a

This negative effect affects all output formats (wav, mp3, mp4) M3Us.
The interesting thing is that it happens only with my Toshiba DVD-ROM M1712.
When tried rip with my Lite-On LTR-40125S burner(same computer), the order of songs in M3U was correct.
Not 100% sure, but conceive this bug was not present in my previous Nero version.

Can anybody affirm this bug, either with all DVD-Roms, or only with Toshiba?

All other settings are correct (DMA,ASPI…):wink: