Nero encoding probs

I am using nero express 2 on a windows XP system.
When I try to encode an AVI to a DVD format it gets to around two thirds done and then crashes with the following message…
unable to prepare data for recording: transcoding of videos failed. (internal error 2009231111).
Now to me this is BS. as there is plenty of room both on my disc and my hard drive (incase it needed it…). My friend has the exact same version of nero and windows that I am using and he has no problems encoding whatsoever.
I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling nero multiple times but to no avail. Has anybody else had this problem because I have heard it could be quite common but no one I have spoken to has ever found a solution, they just move onto a different software program.
Any help regarding this problem would be very greatly apreciated.

Why not update to the latest version of NERO? There have been a lot of improvements since v6.0.0.0 and maybe one of these improvements will fix your problem. The updates are available from Neros website.

thanks for the advice,
I updated everything Nero to the latest but it gave me a new problem!?
This time it said:

nerovision.exe application error
the instruction at ‘0x006944e6’ reference memory at ‘0x01663038’
the memory could not be ‘read’
click on ok to terminate program

Now this is a new one on me, it seems they fixed my original problem with the patch but threw a new one in to confuse me!

Any advice for this one??