Nero , Reloaded , SafeDisc3.10.020/3.15.011/3.20.022 And A NEC3500A

Ok been reading a lot on the forums lately. Have enough knowledge to be harmless ( Ahh Elite those were the days :sad: )

Got an understanding of copy protection and know how to identify what copy protection may be on a CD.

Know how to backup non copy protected CD,s.

Trying to understand why i need to identify what copy protection is on a CD ?

Once i have identifyed what copy protection is on a CD need to know how to get past it. Do i just use NERO ? As soon as i try to make an image of a cd on my HD i get a ERROR READING DATA. I know know enough to understand that its the copy protection making unreadable info at the start of the scan.

Or do I need different burning software for different versions of copy protection ? Its all very confusing to a beginner !! Not enough experts remember that its the simple things they understand and take for granted that trips up newbies like me.

For instance :- some people say Clone CD is great. I coudnt even get it to read a CD for christs sake. Then i had to spend hours on the forums looking into solutions. I just gave up in the end as it was all to … misleading…


different software plus different software gets thru different copy protections so its not a one progy does all kinda deal. some burners cant do some protections there is a lot to it…you probably will not find a lot of help in the nero forum try this one instead