Nero 5580 locking up when My DVD RAM is on

I’ve got a weird issue with Nero

The was working fine, but when I try to start the, it gets stuck on the IDE/SCSI bus scan and locks the computer, if my Panasonic external DVD-RAM is on. If I switch it off, it gets unstuck and I can close it and restart it without problem. If I leave it on, I need to restart the PC the hard way.

This is puzzling since I don’t see why the will work fine with the exact same configuration. I tried using different versions of the winaspi32.dll that nero uses in its folder, to no avail.

I need the because the video DVD it creates are supposed to work on PS2 and other DVD players.

Please give me your suggestions on this issue. Thanks in advance for your input.

Here is my config:

Windows xp pro
VIA 4 in 1 v3.7
VIA IDE miniport 3.14 driver
ASPI 4.6 (1021)
I have tried ASPI 4.7, no better
IMAPI service is disabled.
All drivers are up to date, firmware too.

I used Enditall to close background apps: same result

Other CD softwares installed:

Clone CD 3341
Instant CD/DVD 6 oem
CD Mate (latest)
Virtual Drive 7.0

My hardware config:

–abit KR7A RAID mobo with latest BIOS
–1 Gb of ram PC2100
–Athlon XP 1800+ OCed to 1645 Mhz (143 FSB)

IDE channel 1 (ATA100): master is TOSHIBA DVD 1402
Slave is TOSHIBS CD 6702

IDE channel 2 (ATA 100): master Liteon CDRW 3213B

IDE channel 3 (RAID): IBM 40 GB HD (60GXP)
IDE channel 4 (RAID): IBM 40 GB HD (60GXP)

both hd are in RAID 0 mode

IDE channel 4: WD 9.4 Gb os as a slave (I know it’s dumb, but It is a backup hd I use to backup partitions with Drive Image, and it needs to be on this channel to work)

Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
ATI RAdeon 8500 LE

Firewire external Panasonic LDF-311 DVDRAM

–Athlon XP 1800+ OCed to 1645 Mhz (143 FSB)

I know this will sound silly but have you tryed to run your machine at it’s non OC’d speed

Yes I tried that also,

to no avail. Thanks for the help though. I since could actually get it to work, but removing nero, using regclean to completely remove any ahead registry key, then deleted all nero files on the C: drive. After reinstalling hte 5880 it worked fine. I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if its the fix…

problem solved for now.