Nero 5572 buffer und's?

I upgraded from 5564 to5572, and when I was making a multisection cd, I got buffer underruns.:mad:
Nero 5564 was fine never got bu’s. Cause I have a Plex 121032A,
PIII, winMe, 256 Mb Rambus.
I returned to Nero 5564, burned a multi and no more bu"s errors.
Any help in this case?

Your recorder supports BURN-proof, buffer underruns shouldn’t
occur. Can you enable BURN-proof in Nero or is this option grayed out?

I’m sorry Xoren, I can’t remember.
I’m using agaim my Nero 5564 and it’s fine; I never got buffer underrun before (PLEX rocks!), even after more than 300 burns.:cool: