Nero 55** and latest windoze


advansys scsi ultra with bios
plex 124ts scsi fw1.07
3x ide hds
plex 40 ultra

windoze xp pro rc1 and 2600 =
nero 5504 will not install it gets 2 the choose user group that stays blank

55 all versions after 04 when burnin with the above scsi plex it does the lead in then coasters unspecifed recorder error
blindwrite np clonecd np. nero 2 my ide philips 8x np

iv tried it with the microsoft signed xp advansys scsi drivers and the real advansys 2k scsi drivers. iv also tried 2 run nero in compatability mode 4 2k and 4 98/me
iv had no winaspi installed except 4 the nero own and then iv tried after installing winaspi
damn iv had a few coasters and damn i like nero my scsi card an my writer. it all works perfectly in 98. in fact in 98 i can unrar an iso be downloading, browsing, playing an mp3 and burn a cd at 12x

probably a bugg in RC1…just install the new version…the final release from DeVilSowN…:slight_smile: