Nero & 52246s

first off, lemmi beg for forgiveness for this long ass post, and hope you have the compassion to read on :bigsmile:

I’ve had my liteon 52246s drive for over a year now, and its been pretty much flawless, cept for a firmware upgrade problem once (which is why i still use 6s0a…i think thats what i use…i tried the D firmware when it came out,and couldnt use some programs anymore…havent tried F yet…but if it aint broke, dont fix it…cept it is…lol…)

recently, in nero (not sure if it happens in others…havent used anything but nero in a while), cd burning will take a long ass time…even on 48x or 52x…like maybe 8 minutes for a full cd on 48x

im still using the same media i always do…either tdk or imation…this has happened while ive used the tdk ones tho. i just burned a cd at 48x that was about 670 mb, and the leadin took a while (tho i am used to using 52x, so i might just be impatient) and while it was writing, i tried drive speed just for the hell of it, and it popped up saying “no cd-rom drives found” and even after the session was done. the leadout took a while too.

i started doing 48x burns cuz i had a 52x burn go bad (for the first time EVER), cuz the cdrs are rated for 48x…but w/e…

sometimes i hear the cdr spin up, and then back down, w/o the red light turning on…and this happens over and over and over…and no, the files are definately not being accessed at the time of burning. i even tried moving the data i was burning to my other harddrive, and the speed up/speed down thing happened less so…but its still there

i didnt do anything to change my config lately…cept maybe update my nVidia nforce drivers…tho i think this problem still existed before i did that.

ANY ideas!!! should i upgrade my firmware? tho the update just says ‘improved overburning’ …but still…

oh yea and im using the nero that came with my drive…tho this is my first problem with it yet…

Anything here of help?

1.Name/title of the CD you are trying to backup
-some avi’s i captured and encoded
2.Name of the Backup application and its version
3.Operating System and Service Pack number
-xp sp1
4.Is DMA enabled
5.RAID configuration
6.IDE Adaptors used
-onboard–using antec cobra cables
7.IDE #0 and #1 master/slave configuration
-master–WD harddrive
-slave–maxtor harddrive
-master–liteon cdrw (<----culprit)
-slave–samsung dvdrom
8.Brand, model and Firmware Revision of optical devices (your ‘ROMs and burners)
-liteon 52246s – 6s0a
-samsung sd-612 – 0.5
9.USB and FireWire devices
-logitech mouse
10.SCSI devices
11.Adaptec ASPI version (this doesn’t mean you have to install it!)
-info tool says adaptec’s is 4.71
12.List your other burning apps and their version
13.What is the exact nature of the problem
-slowdown–cd speeds up…spins back down
14.Have you tried different media?
-no…but c’mon! theyre TDK’s, and ive used em before, and ive gone thru 2 spindles during these past two months with the problem going
15.What does the manufacturer recommend?
-probably to update firmware…but im weary to…cuz i couldnt burn at 52x anymore after my 6s0d update…i guess ill try that tho…


i upgraded to 6s0f, and this first burn that im doing right now…it didnt really write to it till 1:28 after i started…itd spin up, and make a griing noise for a split second…then stop. now, the progress bar seems to be moving at a reasonable speed, and it says its writing at 52x, but its taking a long time…eh…


my second burn i did at 48x and it was spinning up and burning and i thought all was going well, till i noticed that the led wasnt red, and it locked up my pc at 60%…im gonna upgrade to nero 6 maybe…

pls help!

A log would be helpful. This link

shows my posts about Nero in date order; in the last few weeks, I have made two comprehensive posts that should contain the advice you need. Both threads have a log in the first post

since i flashed the drive to 6s0f and had problems,. i upgraded to the latest v5.5 available from the site, and its been working as far as i can see. fast-ish like before and such