Nero 5

Can someone plz’ help me.
How would I burn an ISO file on to CD using Nero 5???

Many say the file has to be extracted first, and others say just burn the ISO file straight on.

Plz’ Help:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

From the file menu select “Burn Image”, then select the iso and burn. That’s it. :slight_smile:

That’z it!!!:rolleyes:
Got to be kidding me!

                   :bow: Thanx':bow:

I created an ISO from a game of mine to see if it would work.
So I went to,

Compile A New CD,
Data CD,
Create New Data CD,
Then I dragged the CD-ROM Drive(to get all files on the CD.) over to the file window called “ISO1”,
Then I hit Burn,
And clicked on the creat image option,
And hit burn again,
When asked were to save I changed it to “All Files” and gave it the extension of “.iso” instead of the defualt “.nrg”.

Did I creat the ISO right???

I then tryed to burn the ISO on to CD.
I clicked on the Burn Image,
And when it reached 100% of burning process it just froze up, so I had to Shut Nero 5. off.
The first bit of the CD worked but the rest did not.

Was this just a fluke???? Or did I do something wronge????:confused: 

Plz' Help.