Nero 5 won't be out until mid-april



I just posted the article Nero 5 won’t be out until mid-april.

Squage used our submit to report:

The new version of Nero (nero 5) won’t be out until mid-april. I emailed a tech rep at Ahead, and that’s what he said, so bad news for everyone.Remember,…

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Damn… But for now, just use the v4.0.8.8 wich is great!

Available for download at - no site advertising allowed -


What’s the differents between nero and

If you go to the the are only advertice with nero

Well it’s gr8 stuff they make i hope it will support raw writing just like clonecd.


Well… Ahead often releases new Nero versions without advertising them on their website: these versions are generally sold with new cd-writers as they only have the support for them. So, the only difference is in CD-Burner support, and if you have you can still use it without any problem.


So far, so good… so what?
Couldn’t (the Ahead brains) just get a good solid version once every Q? (Unless they care for people addicted to downloading…)
As for version 5, their latest updates weren’t that impressive, so maybe this new release will be a perfect match for Adaptec v5!


The message from Divide Zero is not with a url so here it is WwW,dividezero,tmfweb,nl ( who knows maybe this wil work :slight_smile: