Nero 5 or EAC, CDex, Audiograbber



Hello Everyone

This is my first post here and while I have many questions I’ll start with this one. I’m runing a dual boot with 98se and XP. I have Nero 5 that came with the Lite-On 40x12x48 crdw that’s on 98se. I’ve read that it won’t work in XP and only versions 5.5 and up will. I’ve recently started having burn issues with CD’s. Skips in one or two songs. Wouldn’t play in three or four players including my or my brothers GM truck. So for the heck of it I tried XP’s burning interface. The quality to me wasn’t that bad but could be better.

So I’m wanting to try something different. This is strictly from CD to HD back to CD. No Mp3 at this time. I’ve got some Vertabin Data Life, Memorex Platinum, and a new Fuji (50) spindle -Japan- to try. I’d like for some ideas and what to expect compared to Nero 5. I’m leaning to -EAC but open to suggestions. Thanks for your help and time.

Kenny J.


Cdex …period.Use it in “paranoid” mode for those hard to do cd’s. :bigsmile:

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can i second that :iagree:


yes sir,you certainly can. :slight_smile:


Personnel preference it to EAC. This is the best in my opionion for MP3’s but I havn’t tried it for CD to CD yet.



Thanks for the suggestions. May I ask why CDex out of countless choices of “burn software”? What makes it stand out from others? I mean this is allot older than most of the newer stuff and it still gets the nod over the rest?

Before signing on here I searched (Google) for any forums and info concerning CD/DVD burning and out of all the ones I looked at this was hands down the most informative and best laid out. Thanks for the welcome.

Kenny J.


Anytime Kenny.Cdex just seems to have that ability to do the impossible on the newer copy protected discs.You have to learn it a little but when you do,you’ll never use another app(that’s not taking away from EAC,it’s a good app also).Just remember to go to the “options” or “preferences” and set everything up before you start to go.PARANOID