Nero 5 errors

So, I just installed a sony dw-d26a. i fire up nero and it gives me this error message:
“InCD currently accesses one or more recorders. Please eject these CDs and then restart Nero”

I can’t even get into Nero anymore. I’m burning DVD’s with a trial version of Gear-pro right now…but that trial will eventually run out.

Second…I figured out a workaround so i can get into nero, but it does not recognize my drive and does not give me the option of burning a DVD. (question above still applies because the workaround is annoying and i’d rather not have to do it every time)

Third…is the sorny (Simpson’s reference here…props to all who get it) dw-d26a just a liteon drive re-branded? If so what model liteon? i’m looking for updated firmware, but not finding anything on sony or liteon’s site.

thanks in advance!

nero 5 is old and might not support your drive, try updating it to if that does`nt work you can down load the trial of nero 6.

yes your drive is a rebadged liteon, read this thread