Nero 5 continue multisession

I have been using Nero 5 to backup onto a multisession CD and this works fine.

My question is, what is the procedure to start a new CD to backup the same set of data?

I have finalised the full CD. Then loaded a new CD, started a new multisession and dragged all the files from the original compilation window to the new one.

When I run the burn, it only actually writes data for new/changed files, although all the folders and filenames are correctly on the new CD. This seems to be wrong, because when you have created several CDs, you would not know which one actually has the data for a file.

Hope this makes sense :confused:


I fear there is no easy solution.

Personally, I have a full backup made at the beginning of each CD… then I use “continue multisession” to update the backup… until the CD is full.

The biggest problem was that when I once started an new CD, I missed a couple of control files. :eek:

Luckily I realised, but just thought there should be some easy :confused: way to do it.


Don’t rely on Nero to get changed files, it’s always missing something. Set it to write all the files every time. In other words, don’t save the compilation. I create a new directory with the date as it’s name, and import the last session, so my disc is just a bunch of folders with dates. It may be a pain to round up all the files every time, but it’s the only way to be sure. If you have a lot of files to track down, consider using Windows backup to write to HD, then just burn that.