Nero 5 can't recognize Lite-on 401s?

I just bought a Lite-one 401s as my Pioneer 104 kept giving me headaches. However, my nero 5 version doesn’t seem to recognize it. I have tried to None worked. What should I do? Should I use Nero 6? Will it recognize my new Lite-on?

iemortal should work with the 401, it does here.

Thanks for the reply. I downloaded Nero from a link at the Recording Software Forum
I installed it and found that in the “choose a recorder” section, there was no sign of the Lite-on. Maybe Nero 6 will be the solution. Thanks again.


Personally, I would avoid Nero-6. What firmware is on your drive? Is it working as a CD-ROM?

You could update to Just make sure you also install this patch on top of

Nero does recognize the 401S for sure. It works for me so it should work for you. Maybe you own an OEM version of Nero that only supports the drive it came with?

Thanks for the reply. Already downloaded the version with the patch. Will try it later. Rdgrimes, my firmware is ES0G, and it is used only as a burner. I have a LTD-166s as the reader. My Nero is bundled with my Pioneer DVR-104. So I upgraded all the way to


Well, the Nero version that came with your Pioneer will not work, it’s a bundled version. Retail Nero works here with the same drive. You could buy a retail license for your current version, if they still sell them for version 5. Otherwise you will have to install a retail version.

I just downloaded the 6.0.19 version. They said that this version is very good. So I’ll just stick with it for a while. By the way, I just bought the Lite-on 401s and I used it to burn a couple of movies. But in some movies that I burned, it played fine in the first 20 minmutes, and then I started to have lags. And if I jump from scene to scene, the lags just get even worse. Is it because of the media the I use? Or the speed?(I burned at 2.4x) My old burner DVR-104 has only one speed, and we don’t have many lags.



I’m using a LiteOn 401S . DVD Decrypter>DVD Shrink> Nero 6 with nice results. Also TMPGEnc PLus 2.5 > TMPGEnc DVD Author1.5.13.44 > Nero 6 to convert and burn mpegs to dvd. version with the patch properly id’s as 401s. :slight_smile:

But, InCd will not work now :eek:

There’s already version available: