Nero 5 Burning Rom pathdepth issue and disappearing after a 13% burn?

[COLOR=DarkGreen]When I try to back up my 664MB “My Documents” folder to a 700mb Fuji cdr I get the following message in a “Test of pathdepth and length of pathdepth” box,

“This compilation does not meet the ISO9660 standard; ie. it contains at least one folder with pathdepth of more than 8 levels and/or a pathname longer than 255 characters. Are you sure you want to allow this?”

then “OK” and “Cancel” button options in the upper right hand corner of the box and a list of my folders with their many inner folders. Could this be the reason nero just disapears off the screen after I hit “OK” and it has written about 13%? My cd drive locks up and won’t open, like the program is still using it, unless I restart. When I get the disc out after a reboot the disc looks untouched even though Nero previously show a 13% write.

I guess the pathdepth issue is saying that i can only have a limited number of folders with in other folders?

I’m using Nero Version Burning Rom which worked well before virus clean that I had to perform. So just Trying to determine if it’s a virus issue or a pathdepth issue. If it is the pathdepth issue, is the limit 8 folders within a folder or how do I achive the 8 level goal? If it’s a virus how is it removed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated![/COLOR]

It looks like a path depth issue.

In Nero burning rom, there is an option to allow more than 8 directory path depth by relaxing the ISO restriction. Is that checked (ISO tab)