Nero 5 and file sizes

I am trying to burn a CD for the first time. I am using Nero 5. I have an avi file that is 38mb. When I add it to my compilation it is showing at like 150mb. Why is it taking up so much space, and is there anything I can do about it?

What kind of compilation, (S)VCD or data cd, when you create a data cd , the file size should be the same.

All I know is when I use the wizard I choose “CD”, then “compile a new CD”, then “other CD formats”, then “Video CD”. I drag and drop the 38mb file and the bar at the bottom shows around 150mb. Can I just choose Data CD even though it’s a video? This most definitely shows it at 38mb. Not sure what my options are. I just don’t want to only be able to burn four 40mb files and have the CD be full.

The reason that it is showing a larger size for VCD is because the file will have to be re-enocded to MPEG-1. You can choose data CD as long as you don’t want to play it in a standalone DVD player.


Works like a charm. Thanks.