Nero VCD Compliance


Prior to using the latest Nero, I was able to reuse the same VCD template over and over to create vcds. Nero would check for vcd compliance each time I dragged a new MPG into the template. Now if I choose ignore compliance and continue, NERO no longer warns me about compliance intil I create a new template.

In case I am not explaining this correctly, Here is what i did

I used the wizard and chose to create a VCD
I dragged in a mpg that wasnt totally compliant because of audio into the Video1 window
I chose to ignore compliance
burned VCD
Deleted selected MPG I burned from Video 1 template
dragged new MPG into template
Nero did not bother to check for compliance to continued to ignore compliance

I have burned alot of vcd s this way and Nero always warned of compliance each time a new MPG was added to the template… is this going to be corrected in the latest version?