Nero Question

I’m trying to copy a cd to my hard disk and have been unable to do it. I select Recorder option then save track, choose drive, then OK, then select all (all tracks on cd) then I press Go and the system frezes. Control alt del, doesen’t do anything, I have to reset the system manually. Do you Know what the problem is.
Is there another way to copy a cd to your hard disk? I have a lite on ltr 4812W.

No, it was not an enhanced/extra - it was an GQ Silver Blue 1-32X Cheap brand. However, Nero showed that it was burning and writing at 48X (7,200 kb/s) and that the burn proccess was completed successfully. But, still it took from 7 to 10 min to burn a cd. I did a burn test with Nero and the results where.

Test Nero cd speed average 36.97
Start 22.07, end 48.64, Type CAV
Elapsed time 2.37

Yet the actual burning takes up to 10 min.