Nero 5.9.5 will not see HP CD-Writer plus

I have installed the HP CD-Writer Plus correctly first. I then installed Nero 5.9.5 and it will not see it. I can see the CD Writer drive in Explorer/My Computer, but Nero will only display Image Recorder.

Does anyone know how I can make this work?

Help would be much appreciated…


What is the model number of the HP CD-Writer plus? Is it a USB burner? What operating system are you using? More details please.

OS: Windows 2000 Professional + SrvPk3
HP CD-Writer Plus 7200e - Parellel Cable

I’ve used other cd writing software and it works fine. However, Nero just won’t pick up the drive.

According to Nero’s supported recorder information the HP 7200E external parallel port burner should be supported.

External burners always seem to have more setup problems, and my guess would be that the reason that Nero doesn’t recognize it is because it is not supported in Win2000.

Try downloading and installing the Parallel Port Driver for Win2000 from HP’s site and see if Nero will then recognize the drive. :wink:

Thanks for instant reponse!

I have checked the version of drivers installed. And I have already downloaded the Epatap2k drivers for Windows 2000. Epatap2k is the driver that is currently installed.

‘Easy CD Creator’ and ‘RecordNow’ software recognises the CDR fine. But Nero does not want to know.

any other pointers???


There are updates available to my currect version of Nero. So I’ll download the latest and check the problem status.

Thanks for your help so far…