Nero 5.82 and burning MP3s question

I’m sure it is because I’m lame, but, I’m trying to figure out the best way to burn MP3 files to be played on a MP3 CD in MP3 format.

I know I can do it, if I do a burn as if it is a data file, but then I can’t do cross-fading or have any sound options at all.

What is the best way to do this, or do I need another product.


Jolo (Jon) :bow:

I dont think you have any other option but to burn as data. I think crossfading would be handled by your mp3 player, not how you burn. im not sure though.

If you want to burn your mp3 as a cd to play in you pc or mp3 player you need to burn it as a data cd but not all mp3 players read the mp3s if you put it in directory`s on cd but read it only if its in the root of the cd so depents on what you want to use it for but in all cases you need to burn them as a data cd.

After doing some more research, it apprears that other products are better than Nero for burning for systems which play MP3 format.

If I understand right, they sell yet another add-on, a Ner MP3 encoder for $15 to download and $29, plus $9 shipping for the CD. Apparently they claim that converts audio files to MP3 quickly, but does not repair them.

Nero also offers this MP3Pro think which is supposed to keep MP3s small with good quality. Costs $19 to download and $43 with shipping for the CD.

Don’t know anything about the quality of either.

Would like to know if it is worth getting a product which specializes in burning audio like Feurio, etc.


You mentioned plenty of other programs which will do the job. Could you mention some specifics.

By the way, I was just playing around with some different products to here differences in sound.

Took a 128fbs MP3 file, then converted it to .wav, then conveted it to .wav using Goldwave.
Then brought it into RazorLame and set Lame for VBR (to 320), with the low rate at 128.

At any rate, it sounded a heck of a lot better in winamp, than the original file.

Does this sound as a reasonable thing to do ?

Then of course, I will want to burn this to a CD as a MP3 file and would like recommendations on the burning process.



Thanks for the MP3 information. This gets hairer by the moment.

“Decompressing a MP3 file, then reencoding again to MP3 will always make the quality worse” doesn’t make sense to me ,if the encoding is dome in a superior way to how it was before.
If it is purely cosmetic, then the cosmetics make them sound a lot better.

Besides, I ALWAYS do that type of thing with encoding movies and videos, strip the sound, decompress to wav, bring it back to the movie after being through toolame. Improves the sound tremendously.

Is it your point that there is no way to improve sound once it is in a compressed format ? First time, I have experimented with this on purely audio, but have done it about 100 times with video and that works great.

Thanks for the tip about VBR. Would ABR work ?