Nero 5.518 Cue sheet troubles

Trying to burn several ISo’s with Nero5.518, it comes up with invalid handle errors and file not found. It simply refuses to burn.

I’ve checked the cue file and all is correct, the problem only occurs with 5.518, with al 5.0x and 5.503 it works fine.

I’m running Win2k with the following config:

256MB Pc133 Cas2
Abit BF6
Promise Ultra66 (2.0B16)
Maxtor 40GB DM+ U66 (primary master Promise)
Sony CRX140e with HP9300 Firmware (10x, Mobo Sec Slave)
Asus 50x max (Mobo Pri master)
Samsung SD-608 (Mobo Sec master)
Asus V6800 DLX
Intel 10/100 NW
SB Live 5.1

All runs on Win2000 with all the latest patches,
Your input would be highly apreciated. ANd ASPI 4.6 installed.



Checked it on a different machine with Win2k

Same problem on that machine so probably a serious bug in Nero 5.518.

Am currently using the fine Fireburner, excellent for burning ISO’s